Dimensions are in INCHES: H-71 W-79.
Please make sure this size backdrop is adequate for your specific needs!
Does not come with hanging grommets or any way to hang. You may use push pins or clips of some kind to hand. We ask that you not use a staple gun to attach the backdrop to anything as this will significantly damage the fabric when the attempt to remove the backdrop at the end of the production occurs.
If you need hanging clips, frames, poles, or just advice on how to hang please contact us. All hanging hardware and frames are extra and not included in the rental rate listed here. Listed rate is for the backdrop only.
Backdrop will be provided rolled on a tube and without wrinkles or creases. Should the backdrop get wrinkled, you may hang it and lightly steam it with a garment steamer but DO NOT attempt to IRON the backdrop as it will burn the material and damage the backdrop.

RV: $50