Star Wars Remote Control Racing


BB-8 remote control and sphero racing in a star wars themed space.
Two remote control BB-8 toys are provided and we also have a sphero racer but renter has to provide the cell phone to control it and download the necessary software. Batteries will also need to be purchased by the renter to power the toys. These can be provided by us for an additional fee.
Room decorations provided with this game and includes a full Chewbacca costume that can either be displayed on a mannequin or worn by one of your event volunteers. Additional Star Wars characters also available and included. For a complete inventory of what all is included in this package please contact us.

Pickup and return of this game is from our warehouse location by the renter.
Prizes not included. Please contact us if you wish to add prizes to this rental for an additional fee. Delivery, setup and takedown can be provided for an additional service fee and mileage billed at the standard mileage rate of 54.5 cents per mile.
If Chewbacca costume is worn, do not attempt to wash or clean it! Please just note or let us know that it was worn so we can have it professionally cleaned.