Santa Claus Costume

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Size: fits adult and a shorter individual under 6′.

*This is a professional quality Santa costume. It is not one of those cheap “halloween” quality versions. It was custom made using high quality materials. If you want a really nice looking Santa for a photo shoot or close up kid greetings, this is the kind of costume you want.

Includes: coat, pants, boot covers, belt, and hat. White gloves also included but not pictured. Santa sack also included if desired. No boots (to go underneath the boot covers) included.
It is also helpful to know the waist size of your intended Santa prior to rental so we can provide an appropriately sized belt. If you do not have boots, we may be able to find a pair depending on the foot size for an additional $10 fee. Please inquire.
If you need a wig or beard, please inquire. We may be able to provide one from our hair and makeup department for an additional fee.

RV: $150