Narnia Aslan Lion Head Main Costume

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If you are opting for a human actor version of Aslan instead of a puppet, this is a costume option we have available. This is also the head/main front body costume for the lead puppeteer for our three man Aslan full body puppet. Sizing is for a fairly large male actor, roughly size XL or bigger. Costume is quite heavy. Comes with shirt, pants, robe, arm bracers, necklace, and possibly boots if we have a size that works for your actor (otherwise, no shoes included). This is a very high quality, high end designed costume. The necklace and the bracers feature lion motifs and designs and the robe was designed by a Hollywood film costume designer.

Please see in our separate listing our Aslan puppet head that can be used with this costume as an additional option if you only have one person to play Aslan.

Rental for this costume is $150 for the week leading up to your performance date and your show dates. A 50% rental rate will be applied for each additional week you may wish to add. This includes two prep to ship days and submission of tracking info to us after your production date. Additional days for return will incur a $25/day rate. A credit card must be put on file with us for return security and any possible damage fees of our costume, however you can pay with a check, credit card, or paypal. This must be arranged and received prior to us shipping out this costume.
If you are local or can arrange your own pickup and return, there is no shipping charge. If we will need to ship, it will ship via UPS (which you will also use to return him to us). We will include our costs to ship on your invoice. You will need to pay locally with your own UPS location the return shipping charges. This is a heavy and large costume and thus needs its own box for shipping. The estimated total shipping costs is $150. This is a rough estimate and not the actual charge which could be more or less depending on several factors.

All of our Aslan Lion options are in high demand and we suggest booking several months in advance of your production. Contact us to book! Reservation of this particular item requires a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your dates.