Beaver or Hermit Hut, LWW HHB Narnia

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$350.00 / Week
$700.00 / Month

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Solid metal rolling frame. Can be climbed on (by the wolves) if you desire. We are not responsible however for any injury that may occur from performing in this manner. (stored flat without wood sticks. Would have to be re-attached prior to delivery or re-attached on location.) Rental price is FOR FRAME ONLY. Renter will have to cover the framework however they desire with cut wood/sticks, straw, fabric, etc.
You can utilize your own volunteers to do this or contact us for an additional fee quote to provide the wood sticks and manual labor to attach everything to the structure.

*Special Logos Theatre Staff Delivery Required!* Please review our delivery charges and info under the FAQ tab and “Policies” of the website.