Logos Theatre Rentals Terms and Conditions 


All rented items should be treated with respect, knowing that you are being entrusted with someone else’s property. Treat each rented piece in a manner in which you would want your own property taken care of should you loan out your own things to others! Use items in your productions and events in a manner that is appropriate and not damaging to the item. 

For large set pieces, we will do our best to instruct the renter in the proper use and function of each piece and inspect for safety prior to renting out, however, LTR assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury that may result in the use of any rented prop or set piece. Use is at your own risk. 

We are not responsible for the use of any rented items that leads to injury or problems within your production or event. 

All weaponry should only be used lawfully and appropriately and in a theatrical manner and not in any form of real combat. Any official uniforms such as city fire and police or government or military shall only be worn and used during rehearsals and shooting or performing. They should never be worn away from the set. If such is necessary all official uniform insignias and patches must be covered. 

To prevent possible staining of costuming that may result in a full replacement charge of the costume, please refrain from eating and drinking (except water) while wearing the costuming. Also please keep costuming hung up on garment racks and not left lying on dirty floors. Knee slides are not to be performed while in rental costumes. Excessive makeup found on costumes that require specialized cleaning will result in a 5% fee per costume billed to the credit card on file. 

All extra transport bags, containers, boxes, hangers, and stock tags that are used in the rental must be returned. Failure to do so will result in a replacement fee charged to the credit card on file.


Payment is required prior to the release of any items at pickup. We accept cash, personal or business check, credit card, or Paypal. 

If paying by check, please make checks payable to “The Academy of Arts” and include in the memo line: “Rental” and your invoice #. Checks can be presented in person at the time of pickup/delivery or mailed in. If mailing in a check, please include a copy of your invoice and send to: 

The Academy of Arts

PO Box 782 Taylors, SC 29687

Check must be received prior to release of any items for rent. Returned checks by the bank will incur a $20 bank fee.

If paying with cash, this will be collected at time of pickup/delivery. Please do not mail cash.

If paying by credit card, we will take payment at the time of pickup/delivery.

If paying by Paypal, send your payment to:

and notify us of payment: 

or 864-322-3198 or 864-268-9342.


A valid major credit card must be presented at time of rental. Card info will be kept on file in the event of item loss or damages requiring repairs upon return of the items. The credit card on file will also be automatically charged for any late fees assessed due to the return of items past the contract date. Especially expensive rental items such as film equipment may require two major credit cards, and will be denoted as such. No rental of any kind is permitted without presentation of credit card. A debit card will not be accepted in place of a credit card. All credit card information will be stored in a secure location through the duration of the rental period and destroyed at the conclusion of it when all items have been returned, rental fees paid, and items inspected for any necessary repairs.  


Rental industry standards typically expect costuming to be returned professionally dry-cleaned or laundered. However, we prefer to handle all of our own care of the costume and do all of our own cleaning. The cost of this service is factored into your rental rate for each piece, which sometimes reflects a rental rate that is a bit higher than standard rental industry rates. Also some of our more elaborate and delicate costumes require special handling and care, which is reflected in their higher rental rates.

Please DO NOT attempt to clean or repair any costuming yourself!! Please DO notify us upon return of your costumes of any known damage needing repair or any spills or stains that have occurred to any costume.

For any costuming that is sent out on hangers and/or in garment bags and with any identification tags, these items are to also be returned and in the condition and manner that they were sent out. Any broken hangers need to be replaced and anything damaged or missing will incur a replacement fee billed to the credit card on file. All costumes should come back on their hangers or in their bags/boxes and completely together in the same manner in which they went out. And added service charge of 5% of the total bill will be billed to the credit card on file should there be a costuming mess returned to the LTR. 


Prop or set piece determined by the LTR to be damaged beyond normal wear and tear will incur a damage charge. Costuming is considered damaged but repairable if it is returned with any of the following: minor rips, tears or cuts, damage from pins, broken zippers, missing buttons or medallions/embellishments/badges/trim, detached garment pieces. Repairable costuming will incur a damage fee determined by the evaluation of a LTR costuming repair staff member and billed according to the rates set forth in the following paragraph. Costuming is considered damaged and not repairable and thus no longer rentable if it is returned with any of the following: irreparable tears, major seam damage, irreversible alterations, major cuts, burning, or having make-up or other permanent stains that render the costume non-rentable will be billed the 3x replacement value fee and in either situation, charged to the credit card on file.

Any items damaged will be billed to the renter at $35 per repair hour, with a minimum of a one hour charge, plus the cost of any needed materials. Any costuming that is returned damaged or with alterations that have not been taken out and the costume returned to its original condition will be billed to the customer at $25 per seamstress repair hour, with a minimum of a one hour charge, plus the cost of any needed materials.

If an item is damaged beyond repair the customer will be notified of the cost to replace the item and the credit card on file will be charged the replacement value (rv) as indicated on the website’s item listing or in the rental contract. 

If a costume is returned in a condition that is not able to be repaired satisfactorily based upon our own seamstresses’ assessment or is stained for which cleaning can not remedy, then the customer will be notified of the cost to replace the item and the credit card on file will be charged 3x the replacement vale (rv) as indicated on the website’s item listing or in the invoice contract and in accordance to the explanation of replacement value given below.


Should a costume or item either not be returned (in the case of loss or theft or due to damage) or be returned in a condition that necessitates replacement as determined by our LTR staff, then the credit card on file will be charged. Standard industry practice is that replacement value is calculated at 3x the replacement price of the costume or item. (rv) as listed on each of our website listings or in the customer’s rental invoice agreement is what will be billed at the conclusion of the rental period should the item not be returned to LTR or in a condition that necessitates replacement. 

Props must be returned in the exact manner in which they left the shop. Painting and modification of a piece, unless cleared though a LTR staff person via a written down correspondence, will result in a replacement value charge.


Any item(s) that are kept past their agreed upon contract date will be subjected to an automatic late fee charged to the credit card on file in the following manner: 

10% of each late item’s rental rate per week value will be charged per day that the item is late being returned. Any items that are past due by 14 days of their return date will be considered lost and non-returnable and three times (3x) the full replacement value (rv) as listed on each item’s website listing plus an administrative service fee of $25 will be charged to the credit card on file. Any previously charged late fees for items will not be refunded should an item ultimately be determined lost and non-returnable and becomes charged for the 3x full replacement value. Any items written off as lost and non-returnable that do eventually turn up and are returned to us, we will issue a 50% credit coupon that can be used towards a future rental for the replacement value that was charged. No actual credit card or other forms of payment due to this situation will be refunded.

We will make every effort to contact customers to resolve any issues that may be causing the pending issuing of a late fee, but it is the full responsibility of the customer to ensure prompt returns. Any customer that refuses to return calls or emails after a two day time frame will automatically begin late fee charges to their credit card on file. 


For local rentals (non-shipping/within an hour drive of our location) and by customer special request only and subject to agreement with the LTR staff, we can offer a 48 hour approval period for fitting purposes only of any of our costuming.

Any costuming that you are not sure will fit the person who will be wearing the costuming can be “borrowed” for a time period of 48 hours to test out the costume. There will be no charge for this and your rental week will not start during this time. Should the costume work for your purposes, the rental rate will being after the 48 hour approval period and the costume will become part of your rental contract and scheduled dates. Any costumes or parts of a costume that do not work for the customer’s purposes needs to be returned prior to the expiration of the 48 hour approval period. Any costumes kept past this time period will be considered rented and will be charged the weekly rental rate. If any costumes are taken out on approval are used for any other purpose other than fitting, the week rental rate will be charged. 

All props and set pieces, once taken from our facility, are considered rented and will be charged the weekly rate regardless of whether or not they are ultimately used in your production.

Please take note that we often have odd working hours as a professional performing theatre. We are often open on Saturdays. Always closed on Sundays and often also closed on Mondays. See hours of operation under general information on our website for more specific details.


Costumes may be altered to fit (except in the case of a few high valued special outfits, which will be indicated as such), but must be returned to their original condition before returning. Minor alterations (hems, waists, cuffs) are acceptable as long as the alteration does not damage the costume and is reversible. Alterations requiring cutting and dying or spray painting of costumes is never allowed. Iron-on bonding web, mending tape, glue, stitchwitchery, or any other type of permanent adhesives may NOT be used on costumes. All alterations must be made by hand sewn basting. Machine stitching may incur damage fees. LTR reserves the right to charge a tailoring fee if any costume is returned altered.

By special appointment, we are pleased to be able to offer alteration service for our costume rentals or for personal items such as formal wear or wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Our service rate varies based upon the work involved and so a custom quote will be made for you once our seamstress has a chance to look at your outfit. Please allow at least two weeks for the service to be completed. Rush service for an additional fee may be available depending on how busy we are. Anything less than a two week notice will be considered a rush service. Average rate service charges to give you an estimation are as follows: hemming a pant or gown $15, bridesmaid dress $75, wedding dress $100-200. Custom costumes and cosplay outfits will require specialized quotes. Depending on our time of season and level of busyness, we may also be able to custom design and make your requested cosplay costume. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for the design and construction of any custom work, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon with the seamstress at the time of the drafting of the work order.


A $10 cancellation fee will be charged for each costume, $5 for each prop and $20 for each set piece that has already been pulled and prepared for your rental should you elect to cancel something on your signed contract and invoice. We begin pulling costumes 2 weeks prior to your schedule event or ship date and prop and set pieces 1 week prior to your scheduled event or ship date. Cancellation charges will be automatically added to your invoice prior to receipt of your payment. If invoice has already been paid, cancellation fees will be billed to the credit card on file.

Also the LTR reserves the right to offer substitutes if possible or cancel an item or order in the event of unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters that affect our operation or problems arising from previous renters that have or had the item(s) being requested. Should a payment have already been made and a cancelation is necessary, there will be a full refund of the payment made for the unavailable item(s).


Proof of equipment insurance by customer will be required for any individual item valued above $2,000, is special filming equipment from our media department, or for any rental order totaling above $5,000. The minimum coverage required is $100,000. All such individual items will be delineated as such.


Failure to return merchandise, or to pay for damages, or to pay replacement value fees, or to pay all rental charges is cause for legal action by Logos Theatre Rentals and the Renter agrees to pay all collection fees, court costs and attorney fees to enforce the terms and conditions of this contract.

The Renter assumes the risks of and hold the Logos Theatre Rentals harmless from property damage and personal injuries caused by rental goods.

The Renter also acknowledges to hold the LTR harmless and indemnified of and from any liability for infringement of copywrite, trademark, and patent resulting from the use of any rented items by the Renter.


Any item over-kept without request and email confirmation will be charged to the customer for the additional time per our rental period delineation, with an additional fee of 10% of the initial item rental, per item, per week late. Fee is compounded upon previous weeks. We will make every effort to contact customer to resolve the issue, but it is the full responsibility of the customer to ensure prompt returns. If customer refuses to return calls or emails after a reasonable amount of time, credit cards on file will be charged the full replacement cost of all over-kept items.

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