Large or bulky rental items may require a trailer or truck to transport to your event location. Some items require our own special delivery services and some items we can either provide delivery for an added fee or the customer can provide their own transport. All items that require special delivery services will be individually denoted with such a requirement on our website’s item listing.

If a customer elects to provide their own transport, we do reserve the right to reject the customer’s chosen method of transporting if we feel that it will potentially damage an item(s) or cause safety issues with road traffic. 

If a customer is providing their own transport, they are also responsible for any tie down hardware or straps that may be necessary to secure items in their open truck beds or flatbeds. We will provide any needed moving blankets that may be needed. Anything wrapped using blankets must be utilized in the same manner upon the return of the items. Failure to do so that causes damage to the items will result in a damage fee charge. Also any unreturned blankets will be billed to the renter at a rate of $10 each. If a renter needs ratchet tie down straps to secure items, we may have some available and can be rented for an additional fee of $5 ea. Please request in advance if these will be needed as often we do not have any available. 

If your rental will require our own delivery services, the following rates will apply:

Trailer only: $20 first hour, $3 each hour after

Van & Trailer & Driver $55 first hour, $15 each hour after 

Additional unload crew: $20 an hour

Small load delivered to renter event location or picked up from location in a LTR Staff vehicle: $10 first half hour, $5 each half hour after 

There will also be the standard IRS mileage rates for 2020 applied to the rental service contract, which are 57.5 cents per mile.


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